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Serving the State of Texas Since 1944

Carroll & Blackman, Inc. is a diversified engineering and environmental firm capable of providing a wide range of civil engineering and environmental services. The firm’s staff, composed of engineers, chemists, biologists, surveyors, engineering technicians, draftsmen, construction inspectors, and support personnel, has successfully completed projects for clients in the municipal, commercial, industrial and private sectors.

The firm opened its doors over 68 years ago and has gone through several name changes in its practice, reflecting the natural transition of ownership from one generation of engineers to the next.  In 1944, L.V. Norris, P.E. opened an office in Beaumont for the private practice of civil engineering and surveying.  Since that date, through the participation and guidance of Don O. Garrod, P.E., Terry Dartez, P.E., Kim Carroll, P.E., and Norman Blackman, P.E., the firm has been known as L.V. Norris Engineers, Inc. (1961), Norris & Garrod Engineers, Inc. (1968), Garrod & Associates, Inc. (1972), Garrod & Dartez, Inc. (1982), Dartez, Carroll & Blackman, Inc. (1992), and Carroll & Blackman, Inc. (1996).

Behind the individuals whose names have appeared on the corporate letterhead are the engineers, surveyors, technicians and support staff who have helped make the company successful for over sixty years.  Carroll & Blackman, Inc. boasts a highly experienced staff with several employees exceeding twenty and even 40 years of service.  By promoting the goals of client satisfaction, protection of public health and safety and employee well-being, Carroll & Blackman, Inc. has developed a highly professional staff dedicated to project success at all levels.



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